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Ketiara’s Coffee Profiles

The special characteristics, product classification, and Ketiara’s commitment to maintain and develop service and quality generate high quality brand of Arabica Coffee.

Our commitment to Organic Buyers beside Good Service and Quality

100 % Traceability. We only source from our member under Organic requirements. We implement a system that guarantee 100% that all Organic Sales are sourcing ONLY from our members. We also have 100% Transparency and Control of Member over the transaction and the usage of the Organic Premium.

Characteristics related to the coffee production

Characteristics related to the coffee production:

Gayo Highland in the district of Takengon and Bener Meriah, Central Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Altitute between 1,200-1,700 above sea level. Natural Shaded Grown 100% organic. Life Zones : Mountaineous, Tropical forest within Leuser Ecosystem. Temperature: 15-20 C degree
Associated Flora: Lamtoro (leucaena leucocephala), Pine, Cedar, wild forest vegetation and fruits. Associated Fauna: mammals, primates, birds, and reptiles, including the flagged spicies of Sumatra tiger, elephant, orangutan, wild boar, wild buffalow, pyton, and several species of maccaca.

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Not Just Gayo Arabica Green Coffee Exporter

Now, Gayo Arabica Coffee is available to anyone around the world. We deliver Gayo Arabica Coffee green beans from mountainous Gayo highland in Sumatra, Indonesia.

PT Ketiara (Ketiara, Ltd) not just process and sell coffee for our profit. We put ourselves in the middle of social issue, environment conservation, and making the best effort to give benefits to the employees, community, farmers and their families, while protecting our land and forest. That is why we sell organic coffee, providing green coffee beans, and information about coffee as well.

We started our business with a cup of belief to the fair trade among farmers and buyers, the importance of environmental conservation, and the urgency of good community health and education as a factor of household financial ability. Now, we have more 500 coffee farners joined with Ketiara Ltd, together making better life for their families and future life. We educate men and women equally, disseminate organic farming system, and facilitate the farmers to grow coffee seed until harvest time, and delivering the coffee yield from plantation to our processing unit facility.

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